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Temple University,
Philadelphia, Pa.

Susan M.Larson, M.Ed, NCC - Transition/Reinvention Coach

Speaking Engagements

Susan M. Larson is available for:

Guest Speaker for Meetings and Luncheons (30-60 min.)
Customized Life Planning Workshops on site:

Popular topics include:

  • Keys To Reinventing Midlife
  • Tips and Tools for +50 Transitions
  • Making An Impact: Expanding Our Legacy
  • Moving Fromo Success To Significance
  • HELP! Decluttering Simplified
Susan M.Larson, M.Ed, NCC - Transition/Reinvention Coach


To discuss and arrange, please E-mail Susan or call (585)732-4005
Your needs, timeframe and affordability will be considered to ensure a winning program.